Visit an Auto Shop Soon if Your Dashboard Warning Lights Activate in Snohomish

dashboard warning lights snohomishHas one of the dashboard warning lights activated on your car or truck in Snohomish? Vehicles have numerous warning lights and all of them indicate that you should schedule an appointment at your local auto shop right away. While some warnings result from minor issues, even these require immediate attention. Postponing necessary auto maintenance and repairs can lead to significant and expensive damage down the road. Seek assistance at a reliable auto shop as soon as possible if you notice any of the following dashboard warnings in Snohomish.


Engine warning lights are shaped like an engine. The activation of this light could mean a wide variety of things and should never be ignored. While some issues are less pressing than others, such as a missing gas cap, you’ll need an auto technician to perform a diagnostic to identify the reason for the warning.


Oil warning lights are usually shaped like an oil can. For proper vehicle maintenance, schedule an oil change at your local auto shop regularly. Running your car or truck too long without changing the oil can cause serious damage. Take your vehicle in right away if you notice this dashboard warning light.


The brake dashboard warning light is usually depicted as an exclamation mark surrounded by parenthesis. As a driver, you never want anything to go wrong with your vehicle’s brakes. To avoid a serious malfunction, it’s absolutely imperative that you schedule an appointment at an auto shop.

Have Questions About Dashboard Warning Lights in Snohomish?

If one of your dashboard warning lights has activated, bring your vehicle to A&M Auto Repair Inc. in Everett right away! We will be happy to diagnose and repair the issue. Contact us today with questions about any auto issues you have.

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