Should You Take Your New Vehicle to a Mukilteo Auto Shop or a Dealership?

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Are you trying to decide between taking your new vehicle to an auto shop or a dealership in Mukilteo, Washington? Whether it’s time to schedule routine auto maintenance or you need auto repair, it’s important to feel confident in your technician. While the company you purchased your car or truck from probably recommended service be completed by a dealership, this isn’t always necessary. In fact, opting for a different service center can often cost less and produce better results. Consider the following factors as you decide between using a Mukilteo auto shop and a dealership.

OEM Parts Availability

Wherever you take your vehicle, ensure that the auto technicians utilize only genuine OEM parts for replacements and repairs. While this is often standard for dealerships, many Mukilteo auto shop owners also adhere to this standard. Smaller service centers will often charge less for these parts than dealerships.

Technician Experience Level

The experience level of the technicians working on your car is extremely important. Interestingly enough, it’s not uncommon for a Mukilteo auto shop to employ professionals with more experience than those working at a dealership.

Customer Service 

It’s not just about your vehicle; it’s also about customer service and satisfaction. Many large dealerships see customers as just another number in line. A locally owned and operated Mukilteo auto shop, on the other hand, will strive to be both friendly and courteous.

Looking for a Reliable Mukilteo Auto Shop?

Are you looking for a reliable Mukilteo auto shop? Now that you know you don’t have to take your vehicle to a dealership, it’s time to find a good service center in your area. Contact A&M Auto Repair Inc. in Everett to make an appointment today. We’ve served drivers in and around Mukilteo for years. We have the knowledge, skills and equipment necessary to complete your service needs quickly and efficiently. We also offer expert emission repairs

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