Pre-Trip Car Maintenance Checklist

Pre-trip Car Maintenance

Whether you’re planning to take a family trip soon or much of your work involves travel by car, it’s important to have a pre-trip car maintenance plan. Taking care of your vehicle is always important, but it’s particularly important before a trip. Driving long distances doesn’t only add miles to your car; it also puts you at a distance from your regular mechanic. To safeguard your vehicle before setting out, take it to an auto repair shop in your area. Talk to your technician about pre-trip car maintenance so you’re ready for the next big trip!

Rotate or Replace Your Tires

Before you travel, make sure your tires are road-worthy. Your local auto repair shop should examine your tire tread, inflation and wear as part of car maintenance before traveling. They can rotate or replace tires as needed.

Check Your Battery & Examine Your Brakes

Car batteries don’t last forever and neither do brakes.  Having your battery checked should be part of your regular auto service routine, but make absolutely sure you do it before your next trip.  And malfunctioning brakes simple aren’t something you want to deal with when travelling–or anytime. Make sure you get the car maintenance you need before you set out on your next road trip. Have your technician examine both your brake pads and fluid before heading out.

When You Need Pre-Trip Car Maintenance

When you’re planning a long trip, it’s important to have a professional examine your vehicle before you hit the road. Stop by A&M Auto Repair.  Our auto repair and service shop offers free service and repair estimates to accurately diagnose your vehicle’s issue(s), explain them in as much detail as possible, and specify all charges before beginning work.   Contact us for more information.  We also specialize in general auto service and emissions repair.

Pre-Trip Car Maintenance Services

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