Know When You Need General Auto Repair

auto repairIf you own a car, you already know how important it is to receive regular auto service and repair. In all honesty, though, once in a while everyone postpones a visit with their auto technician for an oil change or tire rotation. While delaying regular car maintenance is never recommended, you can get away with a week or so here and there. General auto repair, however, is a different story. When your car needs repairs, it’s vital that you take it to a professional right away. To ensure you read the signs correctly, here are several clear indicators that it’s time to schedule an appointment at your local auto repair shop.

1. Dashboard Warning Lights

An activated dashboard warning light is a clear sign that you need general auto repair. Many warning lights will require diagnostics to identify the specific cause of the issue. Whether the light is flashing, blinking, or constantly lit, you need to speak with a qualified auto technician right away.

2. Noise While Braking

Squealing or grinding when you use your brakes means there’s probably an issue with your brake pads or your brake rotor. Both of these problems can cause serious damage if left unattended for too long. Keep yourself and others safe by bringing your vehicle in for general auto repair right away.

3. Leaking Fluids

Your vehicle should never leak liquids. While the issue may prove to be minor, address it right away to avoid further damage to your car. If you notice your car leaves brown or greenish spots when parked, don’t put off general auto repair.

Need General Auto Repair?

If you need general auto repair, bring you vehicle to A&M Auto Repair. Our technicians can get you back on the road in no time! Visit our website for more information or call (425) 341–3828 to schedule an appointment today.

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