How to Respond to an Overheating Car Engine in Mukilteo

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Is your car or truck overheating in Mukilteo, Washington? An overheating car engine isn’t only inconvenient; it can be frightening and dangerous. This is especially the case if you’ve never dealt with one before. When you first notice that the engine is overheating, stop driving. Do not attempt to find a nearby auto shop. Simply pull over; you can worry about the auto repairs later. Once you’ve stopped driving, you should  take these additional steps when your car engine overheats in Mukilteo. 

Shut Off Your Ignition

Once stopped, turn off your vehicle. Do not let it idle, because this will continue to overheat your car engine. You will need to sit tight until the car cools down or a professional auto technician arrives to provide road-side assistance. 

Never Touch the Radiator Cap

Your vehicle is extremely hot. Do not attempt to touch any of the mechanical workings near your car engine, including the radiator cap. Due to built-up pressure, this piece is prone to flying off if you tamper with it.

Add Coolant

Checking and topping off coolant is a normal part of regular auto maintenance service. Even if you had recently done this, you should add more once your vehicle has completely cooled down. If you have no coolant on hand, water will suffice.

Having Car Engine Problems in Mukilteo?

Are you having problems with your car engine in Mukilteo, Washington? If you’re vehicle chronically overheats, then there’s probably an underlying issue that you need to address. Deciding to wait to have it looked at can have costly repair consequences. To receive the expert advice, quality workmanship and superior customer service you deserve, contact A&M Auto Repair Inc. in Everett. Our highly-trained and experienced team is available to diagnose your engine problem fast, perform the necessary repairs, and get you back on the road in no time!

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