Do You Need Winter Tires in Lake Stevens?

winter tires

Is your car or truck ready for winter in Lake Stevens, Washington? Don’t forget your tires! Winter tires are extremely important, especially if you live in a region that experiences heavy snow fall. Fluctuating temperatures and inclement weather can play havoc on your vehicle, and without the right tires you could find yourself in a very precarious situation. Assuming that your tires are fine isn’t safe. At minimum, you should plan to have them examined by a professional at an auto shop. Ideally, you should purchase winter tires. Keep the following reasons for this in mind as you prepare your vehicle for winter in Lake Stevens. 

Winter Tires Are Safer

Any auto technician will tell you that winter tires are recommended for individuals who live in areas that see a lot of snow, ice, sleet, and freezing rain. These tires are specifically designed to provide more control while driving in these conditions.

All-Season Tires Aren’t Enough

You may be thinking, “But I have all-season tires; isn’t that enough?” The answer is, “No.” Winter tires are the only ones that are meant for continual use on snow and ice.

Chains and Pavement Don’t Mix

Some drivers prefer to put chains on their tires instead of buying new winter tires. This is only a solution if you plan to drive on snow and ice 100 percent of the time. Chains are not intended to be used on pavement.

Need Winter Tires in Lake Stevens?

Do you need to purchase winter tires for your car or truck in Lake Stevens, Washington? Schedule an appointment at A&M Auto Repair Inc. in Everett. Our team of highly-trained and experienced technicians will be happy to help you select the most appropriate tires for your vehicle this winter. You can also count on our auto shop for superior auto maintenance and auto repairs.

Winter Tires, Maintenance, and Repairs in Lake Stevens

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