Common Causes for Your Vehicle’s Check Engine Light to Be On in Everett

vehicle's check engine light EverettHas your vehicle’s check engine light come on recently in Everett? This is one of the most alarming indicator lights a driver can experience. While the check engine light can indicate many issues, it’s important to determine the cause quickly. Before you find a qualified repair shop, consider these common causes that activate your car’s check engine light in Everett.

Gas Cap Trouble

One of the most common reasons your check engine light may activate is an issue with your gas cap. The fuel system in your vehicle is sealed to prevent evaporation and provide better fuel performance. When this seal is broken, the check engine light illuminates. Try tightening your gas cap before contacting an auto repair technician.

Catalytic Converter Failure

Your vehicle’s exhaust system helps reduce harmful fume emissions. The catalytic converter is a vital component of this system and is monitored by your vehicle’s computer. If there’s a failure, the check engine light illuminates. Expert emissions repair technicians can identify and fix this problem for you.

Spark Plug Issues

Functioning spark plugs are imperative for a properly functioning engine. Once plugs begin failing, engine performance drops significantly. If you own a vehicle with higher mileage, your service representative may suggest a tune up to replace these plugs. Regular spark plug maintenance can help prevent your check engine light from activating, as well as prevent engine damage.

Is Your Vehicle’s Check Engine Light On in Everett?

Don’t wait to have someone diagnose the cause for your check engine light. Bring your vehicle to A&M Auto Repair of Everett today. Our expert staff is prepared to fix the cause of any check engine light activation. We also offer general auto services. Visit our website for more information or contact us to schedule your check engine light diagnostic today in Everett.

Diagnosing Your Vehicle’s Check Engine Light in Everett

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